All our Vanda are grown in a 100mm Vanda Basket with a hanger.  No media.

Water in Summer every day, preferably morning before 9.00am, especially the roots until they are really soaking wet.   Winter when necessary every 2nd day , if cold wait until the day warms up to water.  The plants must dry within 4 hours by good air ventilation.

The leaf of plant will go soft if not watered enough and the roots will become thin.

They do not like the cold weather, place in warmest spot if you get cold winters.

Vanda are hungry feeders.  Fertilise once a week until roots are thoroughly soaked and engorged.  We also add extra calcium every time we fertilise.  Follow instructions on the box.  We fertilise all through the year.

Fertilise once a week.  It is vital Plant is growing all year round. .  If the Vanda is growing it will have red or green tips on the ends of the roots. When flowering they generally lose the coloured tips.

Good Airflow is vital and Sunny climate, 50% shadecloth or dappled shade. They grow very well on trees as this is their natural habitat.

If black spots appear on the leaves spray with a good fungicide.

If roots need cutting to stop them touching the ground do this in September.

They stay in their basket for the term of their natural life….yay, no repotting.

Hope this is of some help.

Happy GrowingJ